[Issue 3231] Function declared to return a type with its same name doesn't compile

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Stewart Gordon <smjg at iname.com> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Stewart Gordon <smjg at iname.com>  2009-08-09 09:38:26 PDT ---
I think comment 3 pretty much covers it, but is this stated in the spec?

FTR here are two closely related examples that fail:

----- overload_scope_1.d -----
void func(int i) {}

class C {
    static {
        void func() {}
        void func(string s) {}
        void test() {
            func(42); // line 9
overload_scope_1.d(9): Error: function overload_scope_1.C.func () does not
match parameter types (int)
overload_scope_1.d(9): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (42) of type
int to immutable(char)[]
overload_scope_1.d(9): Error: cannot cast int to immutable(char)[]

----- overload_scope_2.d -----
import overload_scope_2a;
import overload_scope_2b;

Qwert yuiop;
----- overload_scope_2a.d -----
alias string Qwert;
----- overload_scope_2b.d -----
void Qwert() {}
overload_scope_2.d(4): Error: overload_scope_2a.Qwert at overload_scope_2a.d(1)
conflicts with overload_scope_2b.Qwert at overload_scope_2b.d(1)

(DMD 2.031 Win; messages essentially the same in DMD 1.046.)

These cases show that it's down to two things:
- overload sets apply only between imported modules, not between scoping levels
- in any case, they apply only between function overloads, not between
arbitrarily mixed entity types

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