[Issue 3231] Function declared to return a type with its same name doesn't compile

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> @BCS
> That case is indeed illegal, AND handled correctly by my fix.

Given that you are willing to redefine the language I have to ask; What is

Assuming you are allowing it:

Even if you can make D handle the case, unless you can point at another .NET
language (one that MS supports) that supports having both a function and a type
with the same name in the same scope, I think it would be a bad idea to let
D.NET do this.

What happens when you use such a type from c#? What does it give you when you
use F12 on the reused name?

Adding this requires changing the specification of the D language and maybe
even the whole .NET system. I would be uncomfortable with any change at all and
would I wouldn't actively oppose a change that allows for both a member and a
type in a class to have the same name. 

Assuming you are disallowing it:

You are adding nothing to the language. Using fully qualified names (or
.identifier) gets the same end effect.

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