What's the proper way to debug D programs with GDB?

Bernard Helyer b.helyer at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 17:03:51 PDT 2010

On 19/03/10 12:32, Robert Clipsham wrote:
> On 18/03/10 23:22, Bernard Helyer wrote:
>> Okay got it. It's 6000 lines and six megabytes large (and hacked to all
>> hell, as the std.string templates started breaking, for some reason),
>> but it doesn't debug with `-gc`! What's the best way to get it to you?
> You can either upload it somewhere (eg http://omploader.org/ or some
> other file upload site if you've not got hosting), or email it to me (my
> address is the same as I use for the newsgroups). Either way if you
> tar/zip it up you should be able to save a few megs on that :)

Found another, no function pointers in this one, I think. It's much 
smaller, too! D2, dmd -ofnetmon.bin netmon/*.d -gc -debug. Linux only.


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