Whither DWT?

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Wed Apr 19 02:59:11 PDT 2006


The D community seems to be divided regarding a GUI/Framework for D.
I guess the community needs to decide exactly what it would like from a 

Are we looking for
Portability to multiple platforms?

Something similar to the .NET Framework? i.e. not just a GUI but an 
entire Framework

Nice GUI RAD IDE similar to SharpDevelop or Visual Studio 2005?

Native API's converted to D for each platform?

A Consistent look and feel across all OS Platforms?

Obviously not all of the above can be achieved, as some are mutually 
exclusive to each other, i.e Native API's and consistent look across OS 

I am sure there are other ideas, but would it not be better to 
collaborate all efforts on a single project rather than several 
individual projects striving for the same goal.

It is still possible to divide and conquer but why not on a single 
project rather than several different ones.

I understand that there are those that have worked hard on their own 
projects and don't want to abandon them, so why not take the best from 
them all and put this into a single focused effort?

Just my humble opinion as a new comer to D, and not meant to offend 
anyone so apologies if it does, this is not my intention.


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