Whither DWT?

DBloke DBloke at NoSpam.org
Wed Apr 19 06:42:28 PDT 2006

Bloke wrote:
>> This is something that would need to be agreed, do we want Native or X 
>> Platform?
> Why would it need to be universally agreed on ? Couldn't we have both ?
Yes D could have both but assuming that one half work on X Platform and 
one half on Native then you only have half as much effort for each 
rather than 100% on one.
> If you mean for the "official" Digital Mars GUI for D, then Walter has
> already chosen DWT which is a native interface ("heavyweight" widgets)

Yes I read the post, but is DWT not a Windows only implementation, and 
is it still actively updated and maintained?

If only Windows Only what possibilities are there to make it Dual/ X 
Platform ;)

It seems that DWT was supposed to mirror SWT but the version of DWT is 
over a year out of date compared to SWT Stable.

AFAICS there is only Shawn working on this if DWT is the chosen one 
would it not be better to concentrate all efforts on this adding and 
removing ideas from other GUI Framworks to DWT in a multi man effort?

> And I prefer native D widgets, just as I prefer native D executables...

Are you referring to DWT?

> Yes, a definitive bonus of SDL and GL is that the D bindings are done
> and that you can link directly to the system libraries (i.e. not C++)
> Then again we don't have any "official" bindings for either of them ?

What would make a binding official? was TUMIKI Fighters not written in 
SDL and OpenGL http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~cs8k-cyu/windows/tf_e.html ?

> PS. You do know that there already are a few D frameworks, right ?

Yes :) but this is what I was referring to in original post there are 
lots of GUI Frameworks about but none finished afaics or at least out of 
alpha or early stages.

Why not have a community effort finishing one or using all the best 
ideas from each project and building a new one from ground up?

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