window menu drawing different in D and in VC++/MinGW

kris foo at
Mon Aug 21 18:54:03 PDT 2006

Serg Kovrov wrote:
> Greetings everybody,
> I have ported extremely simple win32 gui example (one of 
> tutorials), and run into strange problem - when built with D, program 
> drawing routine behaves slightly different from original. regardless 
> that code almost identical. I suppose it is related to non-client 
> drawing of frame window.
> Please see screenshots:
> This is how it should look (and actually do look so when built with VC++ 
> or MinGW):
> and this one built with D - notice small 1px trashed area under menu:
> Seems window menu bar do not fill entire area, it should do. But I can't 
> understand why - This is not ownerdrawn menu, I'm do not have any 
> control on how it draws.
> I could accept that this yet another problem I should solve, but why it 
> manifest itself only when built with D?
> Again - I ported code from C++ to D with minimal changes required, all 
> drawing routines are identical with original.
> source code attached. (I have to use 7zip to fit)
> Thanks

IIRC that's related to a Win32 version identifier in the executable? 
Build.exe has a flag for changing that, and there's some way of creating 
a .def file for executables build with dmd also (some details in the 
online dmd doc).

Try using google to search I know there was a thread on 
this at one point. Sorry I don't have more detail to hand.

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