WM_DROPFILES (hello Shawn!)

bobef bobef at lessequal.com
Sun Feb 19 05:09:43 PST 2006

I trying to add WM_DROPFILES event for the windows version of DWT. I 
spent few hours studying the DWT internals... I defined new event in 
DWT, added new event class and all the stuff. I put all the stuff in a 
new version called SWT_SECT so it could be separated from the original 
SWT, but I have very strange problem. When I add new case for 
OS.WM_DROPFILES in the Control's windowProc I get unhandled exception in 
decorations.d at 941 . Maybe I am doing something wrong? Could you (Shawn) 
explain briefly what is involved in adding new event handlers to DWT? I 
plan to add WM_DROPFILES and DDE handlers. Something like 
addDDEListener(service,topic)... I believe it would be useful to have 
these in the windows version, and even if they are not included in the 
official distribution, they are necessary for my project - akide.

Thank you,

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