FLTK native in 'D'. Would that be useful?

clayasaurus clayasaurus at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:28:43 PDT 2006

MatthiasM wrote:
> MatthiasM wrote:
>> I ported most of the windowing code, ...
> Here's the link to the source code archive:
> http://fltk.matthiasm.com/fltk.pl?DeeFltk
> *it is a total mess, since it is only a proof of concept*
> Nevertheless, it does open a window and handles some events, so the 
> Carbon interface works. Please feel free to comment and give me tips on 
> how to improve my "D".
> Matthias

Hey, if there is /anything/ I can do to help port FLTK (I've had my fair 
share of experience porting C++ code to D) then I'd be glad to, as this 
is a worthy D project.

I suggest you get some forums (www.dsource.org could easily provide you 
with forums and an SVN repository if you wish, just ask in the 
'potential projects' dsource forums), and make the development process 
as transparent as possible to generate interest in future users.

If you are using GDC make sure to specify either 'public import' or 
'private import' or else your code will break on the next GDC upgrade.

Currently I can not look at your code because my Windows QuickZip was 
having trouble with it.

Goodluck with this.
~ Clay

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