FLTK native in 'D'. Would that be useful?

MatthiasM dm at matthiasm.com
Thu Jul 27 13:04:45 PDT 2006

clayasaurus wrote:
> Hey, if there is /anything/ I can do to help port FLTK (I've had my fair 
> share of experience porting C++ code to D) then I'd be glad to, as this 
> is a worthy D project.


> Currently I can not look at your code because my Windows QuickZip was 
> having trouble with it.

I uploaded a zip as well.

As soon as I have a little bit more sorted code, I will publish it on 
fltk.org and see how the community will react. I'll then decide if I 
stay on fltk.org or inquire with dsource. Thanks.

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