Whither DWT?

EricH Eric.Heaton.UK at -AT-Removegmail.com
Thu May 4 03:39:20 PDT 2006

Hello to all :)
Been playing with wxD and have noticed similar problems in sample programs.
> Hmm, looking at the bug list like that does seem pretty bad :-)
> "Abnormal termination" is pretty common in D programs, though.
"Abnormal termination" is pretty common in D programs"
Why is this? a D bug or a wxD one?

> Patches happily accepted :-)

I am a proficient C++ programmer, but will be happy to have a go, I use 
wxWidgets a lot of the time in C++, but don't ask me about Linux or Mac.

I tried Linux once about 3 years ago and could not see what all the fuss 
was about :) but millions of other people obviously do ;)

Do you think the problems lie in the samples or wxD itself?

> Email me for the beta of it.

If you don't mind I would like a copy of wxD 0.5, I understand a lot of 
D syntax and think dropping MI is a very good idea, shame C++ didn't do 
the same when it was standardised.

Interfaces and aggregated composite classes using SI are the way to go, 
afaics there is very little if anything the above can't achieve that MI 
can, plus Interfaces allow loose coupling of classes.

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