Whither DWT?

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Thu May 4 13:12:36 PDT 2006

EricH wrote:

>> "Abnormal termination" is pretty common in D programs, though.
> "Abnormal termination" is pretty common in D programs"
> Why is this?

What I mean was there is no "hand-holding" in D programs,
so if there was a problem it will crash hard and not put
up a stack dump or some other kind of similar exception ?

There are assertions and contracts, but those are off for "-release".

> a D bug or a wxD one?

But this in case, it's definitely a D bug. All the demos
work fine in wxWidgets (C++) and in wx.NET (C#), so they
should do so in wxD (D) as well ? Once "porting" is done.

Do compare with http://wxnet.sourceforge.net/, for most the examples ?

>> Patches happily accepted :-)
> I am a proficient C++ programmer, but will be happy to have a go, I use 
> wxWidgets a lot of the time in C++, but don't ask me about Linux or Mac.

That is no problem, as I can easily handle testing on those platforms.

> I tried Linux once about 3 years ago and could not see what all the fuss 
> was about :) but millions of other people obviously do ;)
> Do you think the problems lie in the samples or wxD itself?

Definitely in wxD, I think it has to do with the destructors (in D,
all GC variables are undefined when the destructor finally runs...)
or just with plain old bugs or oversights (e.g. Unicode issues, etc)


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