Bug? DWT.Verify events' text field corrupt?

Deewiant deewiant.doesnotlike.spam at gmail.com
Sun May 21 03:54:25 PDT 2006

import dwt.all, std.string;

pragma (lib, "dwt"         );
pragma (lib, "advapi32"    );
pragma (lib, "comctl32"    );
pragma (lib, "ole32"       );
pragma (lib, "uuid"        );
pragma (lib, "imm32_dwt"   );
pragma (lib, "msimg32_dwt" );
pragma (lib, "usp10_dwt"   );
pragma (lib, "oleaut32_dwt");
pragma (lib, "oleacc_dwt"  );

const void delegate(Event)

static this() {
	onTextInput = delegate(Event e) {
		MessageBox.showMsg(format("Got string of length %d: XXX %s XXX",
e.text.length, e.text));

void main() {
	Display display = Display.getDefault();
	Shell shell = new Shell(display);

	Text input = new Text(shell, DWT.BORDER);
	input.handleEvent(null, DWT.Verify, onTextInput);


	while (!shell.isDisposed())
		if (!display.readAndDispatch())


Whenever I paste something into the text box in the above program, the message
box comes up with strange results.

For instance, pasting "asdf", I get "Got string of length 11: XXX asdf". The
latter "XXX" doesn't show up at all, and the string should be of length 4, not 11.

Making the delegate write to a file I see the whole string, and find that it's
full of strange characters that shouldn't be there - memory not actually
belonging to the array, but apparently taken because the length is incorrect.

Wrapping a toString() call around e.text seems to make it work, but why does
this occur in the first place? Is the type of e.text really char[] in this case?
And/or is there just a bug somewhere causing the length to be wrong?

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