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Sun Apr 29 05:14:16 PDT 2007

Frank Benoit wrote:

> Marcin Kuszczak schrieb:
>> Just a few additional remarks and wishes for future DMD implementations:
>> 1. With templates there is one drawback: as I know template methods can
>> not be virtual. Maybe they could be in future?
> This is a problem for the automated generation of these helper methods,
> they must be available in interface and certainly they need to be virtual.

Yes, it can be real problem. Probably only Walter can help here :-) I really
don't know what to do to make it work properly.

> I personally don't like to write getValue!(char)() to define the return
> type. 

This one I don't get. For char type you do not have to call template
explicitly. Because of default template parameter of type 'char' you just
call getValue(); and it is implicitly equivalent of getValue!(char)(); 
Please see my example for reference.

> If the return type is Control[], the ported method looks like this: 
> JArrayJObject getControls();
> The D help method has return type Control[]
> Control[]     getControls(); // conflict

When you could change:
JArrayJObject getControls();
JArrayJObject swtGetControls();

there would be no conflict with:
Control[]     getControls();

> IMHO, this template solution is not complete.

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