Something like wx's AUI?

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Sun Apr 20 18:07:26 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Bill Baxter schrieb:
>> Is there anything like wxWidgets' AUI toolkit for DWT?
>> It has dockable, drag & droppable panels for making IDE-like apps.
>> I see something called JFace and sleak in the dwt-addons project.  
>> They didn't compile for me, but are either of those supposed to be 
>> such a library?
>> --bb
> JFace is not yet completed and it does not contain the docking stuff you 
> are looking for. But perhaps, if JFace is working, its not much left to 
> get the missing stuff ported from the eclipse source.
> JFace adds
>  - Model-View-Control for String,List,Table,Tree with sort and filter
>  - resource management for images,fonts,colors
>  - Preference Dialogs
>  - Wizards
>  - long running operation support
>  - Actions, commands and key binding schemes.
>  - Field assist
> However, if you only need to have split windows and tabs, you can use 
> "SashForm" and "CTabFolder". E.g. Poseidon is a pure DWT application.

By that you mean pure "classic" DWT, right?  I see things like import 
DWT.all, which aren't part of "new" DWT.

But anyway, yeh, that's exactly the kind of thing I'm after. I'll have 
to dig further through the source to see how they do it.


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