dwt and DWT

doob doobnet at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 13:30:13 PST 2008

tytower wrote:
> Hey Frank , I have downloaded both versions by the look of it and am trying to compile an example of grid layout to have a look . I get an error message as so :-
> [tytower at linuxbox import]$ dmd ./test_gridlayout.d
> /usr/bin/../src/phobos/std/c/windows/windows.d(12): static assert  is false
> Obviously looking for Windows but I am on a Linux machine.
> So this is where the examples are . Can I transfer the ".d" files to the Linux version and run them from there or have I git something all screwed up?

Something isn't right, either you downloaded the old DWT (port of SWT 
3.0.2) that uses Phobos or you have Phobos and the new DWT (port of SWT 
  3.3) version uses Tango. Or you're using an example based on the old 
DWT port.

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