Another dwt-win / dmd / dsss build problem

John Reimer terminal.node at
Thu Feb 14 06:44:55 PST 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> John Reimer wrote:
>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>>> Most of this pain of mine would have been avoided if there were 
>>>> working dsss.conf files included with the dwt-samples project.
>>> And now I see that there is a dsss.conf at the top-level that covers 
>>> all the subprojects.  Dangit!
>>> --bb
>> I was confused as to why you were using your own dsss.conf... But, 
>> anyway, glad you figured it out.
> I didn't expect a top-level dsss.conf.  Maybe I would have expected one 
> inside the dwtexamples folder, but the top level of dwt-samples looks so 
> disorganized that I totally didn't expect there to be a 
> "one-dsss.conf-to-rule-them-all" setup.  That only makes sense to me if 
> the expected way to use the samples is to compile them all at once.  But 
> I don't think that's generally how people use samples.  They find one 
> that's relevant or which they're curious about and compile it.  Having 
> the dsss at the top level makes that more complicated because have to cd 
> back and forth or specify longer path names a lot.

Hmm... I got so tired of switching back and forth in these directories 
that I fixed the problem another way: I went the lazy route and 
downloaded Console for Windows (multitabbed CLI from here  :)  Yes, I agree it isn't 
necessarily easy the way it works now.

The problem is that the examples will grow to a large number per 
directory and having one dsss.conf per example would not make sense 
either.  I suppose a compromise would be to add a dsss.conf file per 
sample directory instead?  This would certainly make things easier for 
building the larger examples like controlexample.

>> Now I recall I had the same problem with dsss and forward slashes.  
>> The strange thing is that dsss reads forward slashes in the dsss.conf 
>> file but not on the command line :P.  This is an example of why 
>> troubleshooting gets confusing with the problems layered from several 
>> technologies. I wish it were easier.
> I wish Gregor used Windows.  :-)  Then it would be easier, no doubt.

Mentioning the two in the same breath is apparently a great evil. :-D

>> About the images in the buttons... Are they missing on yours too?  Are 
>> you using Windows XP?  I haven't been able to track down the problem 
>> on that yet.  It was working for me a few revisions ago, but not now.  
>> I guess I'll add a ticket.
> Yep.  WinXP.  Images missing on the buttons, and toolbars.

Right, I'll continue to look into this.


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