Another dwt-win / dmd / dsss build problem

DBloke DBloke at
Thu Feb 14 15:05:06 PST 2008

> In France OCaml is in industry use, Airbus/ESA. France Telecom. Means 
> OMake is still alive. Hope I got the chance to introduce D in 
> Toulouse/Airbus this summer.
>> --bb

OCaml is an excellent language as is F# and Haskell These languages are 
used by companies like Microsoft to build compilers :) Functional 
languages are not new Lisp has been around for years, but they are just 
starting to find their way into OO languages now, even D borrows from 
the functional paradigm with lazy evaluation, lazy I call it common 
sense ;) OMake is useful and could easily be utilised for D!

I am trying to educate the engineering bods in our work place about 
alternatives to Java and C++ mainly D and OCaml, sadly the arguments I 
get are related to lack of a decent IDE and Thin client support.

I will continue to chip away and you never know :)

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