DWT information, requirements and installation

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 06:36:58 PST 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Ty Tower schrieb:
>> I wonder how much thought you put into your posts before you type
> Ask yourself about your own postings.
> Please stay polite.
> Its really hard to help with all that weird information you give. 
> Permission problems, then you copy and rename files wildly. Sometimes 
> you use dmd directly then again dsss. Did you install the lib or not in 
> all your experiments, hm.
> Perhaps it would be good if you start all over. And describe all you do, 
> covering installation of dmd, dsss, tango. Paths, env variables and so 
> on. then about dwt and what you try to do. This would help to help you.

I have to agree with Frank on this.  Right now, we've been guessing at 
what you've done without knowledge of how you've set things up (other 
than bits and pieces of information).  In order to help you, we will 
need every detail of your D installation from start to finish.  That's 
the only way to catch a hint of what is causing the problem.  The 
likelihood is that it has less to do with dwt than you might expect.

Also, I don't believe you answered my question whether or not you can 
build and run the Tango examples correctly.  Did you try that?

Please list:

* Your Operating System (distribution and version)

* Your dmd version

* Your Tango version

* Your dsss version

* Where and how you installed each of these tools (/usr/bin ?)

* Whether or not you have installed gdc (and where)

* Where you have installed your Tango library (/usr/lib etc).

* Whether or not you have left libphobos.a installed somewhere (the 
Phobos library may still be left in the lib directory).

* Any other possible information related to any of the above, and the 
steps you made to execute them.

After that, we can discuss how to test that dsss and Tango are installed 

Finally, we can start testing a dwt library build and then a dwt example 
build and link.


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