DWT OLE, embedding VIM

Bjoern nanali at nospam-wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 20 00:20:05 PST 2008

Frank Benoit schrieb:
> Bjoern schrieb:
>> I want to embed VIM using OLE, No success at all :(, I also tried 
>> "Shell.Explorer" 'cause VIM is known as problematic, same result.
>> Maybe I miss some imports, Dunno, Hope someone is able to help;
>> Kind regards, Bjoern
>> oh, linking is done with subsystem:console:5, like helloworld stuff  ...
> the OLE is a lot of ported code, which is completely untested.
> I would not expect it to run without problems. Unfortunately its not 
> highest prio right now. First i want to get the basic widgets to work 
> properly.
> But if you want to give it a try in debugging, that would be 
> apprechiated. If you need assistance, please contact me in #dwt.

Okay, at least we know now that dwt.ole needs some attention :)

I am not able to do the debugging job due to lack of OLE know-how. Sorry.
During the week I have to do bread and butter programming.

Next weekend wrapping Scintilla is on my todo list. Most probabely I 
need some help regarding Event-Handling. (nessesary imports)

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