File /etc/rebuild/ tango-posix-dmd

Ty Tower tytower at
Fri Feb 22 02:39:26 PST 2008

John Reimer Wrote:
> You don't know me, Ty, so please don't make assumptions as to what I 
> will or will not do.  What I said there is that the switch has a reason 
> for its existence.  Depending on how you installed Tango, it is either 
> correct or incorrect.
> Incidentally, it is correct for my tango installation because I still 
> rename the tango lib as Phobos (I ran into problems when I used the 
> "defaultlib" switch). So, your statement remains quite presumptuous and 
>   reactively dogmatic.

garbage again -the latest install does not and did not tell me to rename Tango to Phobos and neither did you . You could have suggested that . You didn't I don't care much merely make the point
> > Jesse's posts were ,as far as I looked into each answer, also wrong and misleading
> > the one relating to -lXdamage for instance. He made the statement "one problem leads to another "under his rant. That was wrong - the libraries wern't as they should be admittedly but the post was totally misleading .
> > 
> If that is the case, I have to say that yours were more so.
I am the newbie asking the questions . I am allowed to be wrong thats what the posts are for and I admit readily to my errors , you and he obviously do not
> > If you can't stand criticism and constructive criticism at that then don't post
> That would be good advice for both of us perhaps?  You appear to be 
> responding quite poorly to constructive criticism.  We both appear to 
> like calling a spade a spade... but you appear to be entirely 
> unreceptive, and, in fact, quite inflammatory to the merest suggestion 
> that you might be wrong.  Wouldn't we both get further with each other 
> with more gracious responses?
Thats garbage John-I readilly admit my mistakes  and there have been a few here 
You want gracious responses go practice in a poofs bar mate- there's plenty in Melb no?

> You know I've already admitted the shortcomings of dwt project 
> instructions... we've gone out of our way to rectify the situation 
> (thanks to Jacob's contribution we're moving in the right direction), so 
> I'd say we have been moderately responsive to constructive criticism 
> despite everybody's excessively busy schedules.
> -JJR
Well I didn't get much real help looking back at what the problems really were  and I hoped that by pasting the compilers output I might get a hand from experienced people with this particular dwt. I still have a problem with the custom control examples which no one has  answered and I am assuming there aren't many knowledgeable people available on here. 

I know now and knew then there would be some problems with dwt. Fully expected that ,but I said before you must give some priority now to getting a clear install page for both windows and unix. 

If someone has a go at me John they are going to get some back quick smart. Just the way I am. I have been downloading and installing what was new stuff for me in D , dsss and dwt/dwtexamples. Ive been trying to get it installed for near 3 weeks and have not got to the end of it yet. At least I'm close.

If I were developing this I would be asking for as much feedback as possible regardless of content , at least till I got it running.

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