windows user help needed

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Tue Jul 22 13:21:55 PDT 2008

torhu schrieb:
> I've attached what I've done so far, if anyone wants to continue working 
> on it.  Otherwise I'll try to finish it another day.  There are about 50 
> missing defines.
> VA_LIST doesn't seem to exist, I've replaced it with va_list.
> There are some other symbols that I can't find either, neither on 
> nor, in the headers that come with the platform SDK for 
> February 2003, nor with msvc 6, nor with msvc 9 express.  No idea where 
> Tango got them from.  I'm sorry I forgot to write down which ones they 
> were..

I just used grep to get the list together, so VA_LIST might make no sense.
Thanks for your work so far.
I hope it will be continued :)

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