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torhu no at spam.invalid
Mon Jul 21 16:01:49 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> I made a simple checker tool to compare the struct sizes between C and 
> D. I used this long time ago for the linux dwt port.
> for windows, i lack the visual studio to translate the C version.
> Source: 
> If someone could add the missing header includes, compile it, run it and 
> post the result here, this would be very helpful.
> I hope to spot remaining struct size problems in the D windows bindings 
> by comparing the output of the C and D version of this program.
> Frank

I've attached what I've done so far, if anyone wants to continue working 
on it.  Otherwise I'll try to finish it another day.  There are about 50 
missing defines.

VA_LIST doesn't seem to exist, I've replaced it with va_list.

There are some other symbols that I can't find either, neither on nor, in the headers that come with the platform SDK for 
February 2003, nor with msvc 6, nor with msvc 9 express.  No idea where 
Tango got them from.  I'm sorry I forgot to write down which ones they 
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