problem with upx

kenshiro55 kenshiro55 at
Thu Jul 31 23:26:27 PDT 2008

kenshiro55 Wrote:

> After the compression of ControlExample with upx:
> 	- icons are not displayed on tabs: Button, CoolBar, Table, ToolBar, Tree
> 	- but icons are displayed on tabs: ExpandBar, Label, Menu.
> It was working before the fix of these bugs:
> Env: dmd 1.0.33, tango 0.99.7, Windows DWT 3.4 1 

I did some tests and it think it's another manifest problem.
If I compile without dwt.res (remove the line buildflags+= -L/rc:..\dwt in dsss.conf), the exe compressed with upx seems ok in console mode.

But then I found another problem. If I compile in gui mode without dwt.res, I can start the application from the console but not from the explorer.

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