Error messages are just not filled

Tower Ty towerty at
Sun Jun 1 14:58:25 PDT 2008

Ive touched on this before Frank enstein
When I use an error message as below the fields are coming back empty
except for the time fields . Now I understand that different errors give a different content and not all fields are filled but basic needs are not fulfilled at present 
  TableEditor editor = new TableEditor(table);
  //The editor must have the same size as the cell and must
  //not be any smaller than 50 pixels.
  editor.horizontalAlignment = DWT.LEFT;
  editor.grabHorizontal = true;
  editor.minimumWidth = 50;
  // editing the first column
  table.addSelectionListener(new class SelectionAdapter{
    public void widgetSelected(SelectionEvent e) {
         // Identify the selected row
      TableItem item = cast (TableItem)(e.item);
      Stdout.print("TableIten is   ",e.item).newline;
      if (item == null) return;
        Text textEditor = new Text(table, DWT.NONE);
        textEditor.addModifyListener(new class ModifyListener{
        public void modifyText(ModifyEvent me) {
          Text text = cast(Text)(editor.getEditor());
          editor.getItem().setText(0, text.getText());
          Stdout.print("ModifyEvent is  ",me).newline; 
          Stdout.print("text is  ",text).newline;
                                    }          }); 
   Stdout.print("column in editor is  ",editor.getColumn).newline;
   Stdout.print("textEditor is  ",textEditor).newline;
   editor.setEditor(textEditor, item, 0);

gives back

ModifyEvent is  , Text {}{time=1176077641 data=null}
text is  , Text {}
ModifyEvent is  , Text {}{time=1176091585 data=null}
text is  , Text {}
ModifyEvent is  , Text {}{time=1176092526 data=null}
text is  , Text {}

is my understanding of this wrong?
I don't have the expertise to go delving into the depths of it to find out why, or I would

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