Seg Fault dispoing old editor

Tower Ty towerty at
Mon Jun 2 13:57:12 PDT 2008

Tower  Ty Wrote:

> if (oldEditor !is null) oldEditor.dispose();
> The above line in the example in dwt.custom.TableEditor causes a seg fault in Linux

I am not absolutely sure now . I had to retry the code to dispose of the old editor or it would carry forward the text from the previous editor box. On inserting the code it compiled and ran OK. 

However I have noticed that while editing in these editor boxes tango gives an exception if you backspace to the start of the box  ie delete the text in the box back to the start.
tango.core.Exception.IllegalArgumentException: Argument cannot be null

So it seems  what is passed by the ModifyEvent cannot be null. This seems to be a condition in tango but, when editing the table ,you must be able to edit back to the start of the Text

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