RSWT [SWT on top of RMI]

Yigal Chripun yigal100 at
Sun Jun 8 05:38:50 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Yigal Chripun schrieb:
>> Frank Benoit wrote:
>>> Yigal Chripun schrieb:
>>>> I've stumbled upon the following:
>>>> This is a port of SWT to run on top of RMI. The idea is that you use
>>>> the
>>>> same SWT API only you can put your GUI on a different machine than the
>>>> application logic. the GUI will be be run natively on the client
>>>> machine
>>>> via the native SWT libs. There are only two objects that manage this
>>>> connection and everything else remains the same.
>>>> My question is how much work would it take to port this
>>>> functionality to
>>>> DWT? Does it require to also port the RMI APIs or is there a simpler
>>>> way?
>>> The link above is not working for me. Is the project still alive?
>>> On the latest changes are from 2003.
>> try this:
>> there is only one version circa 2003.
> to me, it looks like a lot of work.
> But it is not directly related to SWT. It is about implementing this
> RMI, reflection information and code generation.
> Interesting questions are virtual function calls, GC, synchronisation,
> performance.

if it works in Java why shouldn't it work in D?
> If that all works, it could be used with every library.

RMI is an Independent remoting/synchronization API for Java. I think
Tango has something similar albeit Tango's synchronization is explicit

> What i don't understand is.. why?
> Do you want the remote thing? Or do you see this as another - perhaps
> more easy - way of porting SWT?

I want the ability to have a native GUI client connect to a server that
provides a service (Wweb browser, mail, Gmail, etc). basically all those
"web applications" like Gmail could be replaced by this.
I see it as a very powerful feature, especially given that in D it would
be trivial to use (No JVM you need to worry about, just run you exe
file) I think that that kind of a concept is avoided in Java mainly due
to the complexity of deployment. if you add something like MS's
clickOnce or Sun's Java Web Start to the mix, you'll got yourself a
winner. it'll be better than Adobe's AIR since it's native, and the
right click works!
this could be the thing that puts D on the map, like ruby on rails did
for Ruby.

We do not need to create a full featured RMI like API for this, but
rather use Tango's IO.

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