Errors building dwt with latest tango

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at
Mon Jun 30 03:59:37 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:

> Frank Benoit wrote:
>> Bill Baxter schrieb:
>>> This is with the latest SVN tango
>>> Don't have time to look into these at the moment, but maybe later
>>> tonight.
>> It is much easier to support the tango release instead of tango svn
>> trunk. Hence the errors.
>> I have fixes for them locally, but did not commit them into the public
>> repository, waiting for the next tango release.
> Bummer.  I guess I'll just try to figure out how to roll back the
> updates I made.
> -bb -- hoping "dsss net install tango" installs latest release version

It didn't use to ...

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