Properties instead of Java-style getters and setters?

Robin Kreis robinkreis at
Wed Sep 3 08:42:43 PDT 2008

I've been looking for a fine GUI toolkit for a while now, and from what
I've seen, DWT looks really fine.

What I'm concerned with is DWT carrying over some of the limitations of
Java.  While I do like Java and also SWT, I dislike the idea to make
certain decisions just because the people behind SWT had no other

Although DWT appears to fit into D quite well, I'd love to see real D
properties replace getters and setters, or at least alias them.  Those
only exist in SWT because Java has no other property support. Getters
and setters are treated like properties in Java, for example in GUI
builders, refactoring tools or scripting languages like Jython.

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