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> Currently I am working on porting the component JFace.Text.
> This is the editor that eclipse uses internally.
> AFAIK the only graphical Editor available for D GUI is Scintilla. This
> one is used in DCode/Entice, Poseidon. JFace.Text will bring in a new
> Editor component, ported from Java to pure D.
> Does someone know if a comparison JFace.Text vs. Scintilla exists?
> Key Features of JFace.Text
> - Undo/Redo/find/replace
> - Linenumbers
> - Text templates
> - Folding
> - Problem+Quickfix markers with automatic update while typing
> - Hovers, Links
> - Context menu management
> - Proposals
> - Rules as basis for parsing the text
> - Annotation of the text (put problem description or breakpoint location
> to the text)
> - Syntax highlightning
> - Revisions of the text and difference view
> - ....
> The current state is that 434 of 443 files are compilable.
> So the boring stuff is done, now some manual coding is still needed to
> implement missing stuff from the java runtime environment
> (BufferedReader,StringReader,Pattern,Matchers,...) and some Java
> synchronize stuff.
> I hope to have waken someones interest... I could use some help ;)

It's really awesome!!!
It's the most exciting project ever in D I can only say!
I can't imagine a whole eclipse in D !!! You really have spent a lot of  
effort on it!!!

 From the experience I work with scintilla, it gives less feature compared  
to the Java Editor component.
Also Java Editor is able to do some nice autocomplete(scintilla is buggy  
Miller said. Also Java Editor gives an overall more professional & more  
smooth feel. The highlighting feature , codefolding all nicer than  
scintilla. the ability of code folding in scintilla is a pain in the ass. )

I'm wondering how you deal with plugin code? I've brought up an idea of  
plugin on process communication. It's a clean and portable solution.
Also the process based plugin won't crash the whole application when a  
plugin crashes.

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