KeyListener with Combo

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Thu Sep 11 18:11:51 PDT 2008

Sam Hu schrieb:
> Thanks Frank,
> What I mean not working is that the combo does not select the text I want.Later I checked the dwt.dwthelper package and changed the code:
> e.toString to dcharToString(e.character) then it works,but can just select when I enter one letter and can not filter all the possibilities.What I want is ,for example ,in the combo there are two items:"Banana" and "Bear",when I enter 'b',the combo drops down and shows both "Banana" and "Bear" for selection,then when I continue to enter 'e',now the "Bear" is selected.
> For your advanced suggestion "VerifyLister",I am studying.
> Thanks.
> Sam

A completely different possiblity, but i don't know if that makes sense
for your case...
In JFace, there you can have text fields with fieldassist. That is
something like autocompletion.
See dwt-samples/jface/user/Decoration.d
Press Ctrl+Space in the second text field. This behaviour can be
customized in a wide range.

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