Trass3r mrmocool at gmx.de
Mon Jul 20 07:19:32 PDT 2009

Tom S schrieb:
>> 2. Can't it be incorporated into dmd?
> It could. But then, DMD is not the only D compiler and that would add 
> complexity to all of them. Having this functionality in an external tool 
> means that compiler writers only have to include some basic features to 
> support the tool instead of throwing the kitchen sink into the compiler 
> itself.

Well, I'm just sick of build tools using the dmd source like rebuild. It 
isn't updated anymore and thus it happens so often that rebuild gets 
trapped in an infinite loop, furthermore I get confusing double output 
cause rebuild also outputs pragma msgs etc.

The newly added -deps parameter in dmd is probably an improvement but I 
still can't imagine it would be that hard to add this simple 
functionality directly to the compiler (if it can write out the 
dependencies, it can also simply just compile them as well, can't it).

Build tools could then concentrate on functionality that really doesn't 
need to be provided by the compiler, like everything that dsss itself does.

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