DWT2 built with DSSS

Kristoffer khjelvi at adsl.no
Mon May 25 21:50:54 PDT 2009

Sam Hu skrev:
> Still not passed.pity -:)

what about "rake swtsnippets" ?

The first few snippets should build fine, then fail with an error in one 
of the later (because of some source error).

If this works, it shouldn't be anything wrong with your dwt2 install. 
Else I would remove all and start over.

I would then try to compile an console app with dsss (not DWT2).

Then I would try to compile the simple window with dsss like in my 
previous post (note: the first line in the dsss.conf file should be 
[dwtWindow.d] and not [dwt_test.d] like i wrote).

I don't think I can help you if this doesn't work, since I haven't got 
the error myself nor do I have a long experience with D :/ Sorry

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