DWT2 built with DSSS

Sam Hu samhudotsamhu at gmail.com
Tue May 26 00:26:24 PDT 2009

Hi Kristoffer:

I can compile the DWT2 successfully by
rake all
including all the samples (swt/jFace,etc);

I can also do almost everything with dfl,dsss,arclib,gtkD...

except when using DWT2:
1.If I compile a program of my own (dwt2 app) ,the only way I can pass the build is to save the source (say myprogram.d) in the swt- snippets folder with all the other snippets samples together,and then build with :
rake swtsnippets[myprogram]
silly enough -:)

2.Even things work in 1,I can not build a dwt2 program which contains more than one module;

3.Any try to build dwt2 program  with dsss build will cause an error.

I will try again later and post the entire error msg by then.

Thank you Kristoffer,thank you so much!


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