Move DWT2 repository - github or bitbucket?

Denis Shelomovskij verylonglogin.reg at
Mon Aug 15 06:28:44 PDT 2011

15.08.2011 9:29, Jacob Carlborg:
> On 2011-08-14 22:20, torhu wrote:
>> On 11.08.2011 19:58, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>> I'm planning to move the DWT2 repository to either github or bitbucket.
>>> Which one would you prefer?
>> Git seems to require a Unix shell to work on Windows. Which is one of
>> the things that make me think that git and Windows is not a match made
>> in heaven. It's a bit like having a crossplatform project that uses
>> Microsoft's C++ extensions, and requires linux contributors to run MSVC
>> through Wine to be able to build it. In other words, I would prefer
>> Bitbucket.
>> But I don't expect to make big contributions, so it's not going to
>> matter much for the project.
> I have been thinking the same myself. I just haven't figured out how
> much of a problem it really is.

Sorry, but I don't see the problem. There is TortoiseGit with very good 
Windows explorer integration:
And, AFAIK, it's an official git Windows GUI at "Download Git" section:

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