How to build program with DWT2 and DMD2?

JohnnyK johnnykinsey at
Tue Aug 6 07:49:22 PDT 2013

On Tuesday, 6 August 2013 at 11:32:44 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2013-08-02 19:50, JohnnyK wrote:
> If you have cloned the git repository into C:\GITClones\dwt you 
> should compile it like this:
> rdmd hello.d 
> -IC:\GITClones\dwt\org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86\src 
> -IC:\GITClones\dwt\base\src
> Also make sure you cloned the repository using "git clone 
> --recursive". This will clone the submodules as well.

yeah that did not work for me either.  As you can see below it is 
the same as before.

Projects\Programming\DStuff\dwthelloworld>rdmd he
llo.d -IC:\GITClones\dwt\org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86\src 
hello.d(3): Error: module Display is in file 
  which cannot be read
import path[0] = .
import path[1] = C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\phobos
import path[2] = C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\druntime\import
Failed: "dmd" "-v" "-o-" "hello.d" "-I."


The Display.d is at 
on my windows box.

All I know is that the snippets do compile so I am very confused 
as to why this will not.  GIT does not work directly here at 
work.  The company I work for uses a proxy server so I had to put 
it through a NTLMaps program to handle the companies proxy 
authentication.  So when I tried to use recursive that did not 
work because to make it work I had to use HTTP: instead of GIT: 
on the url but the sub-modules tried to use GIT: as the protocol 
in the URL.  I then cloned the sub-modules individually so that I 
could get the snippets to compile which I did and most of them 
compiled.  The only ones that did not compile are those looking 
for the Browser.d file and that use some lib called derelict 
whatever that is.
Honestly I see GIT to be a big stumbling block for those of us 
that just want to use your wares.  If I was contributing then 
sure I can see where GIT would help but all I want to do is 
download a and use the library for now.  Anyway I appreciate your 
help but I may need to use some other widget toolkit if I can 
find one.  However right now the only real toolkit that comes 
close to my requirements is DWT but if I cannot get it to compile 
code outside it's development folders I don't think it will be of 
much practical use to me.

My Widget Tool Kit Needs:
Executable File size no larger than 5MB (minus resource/baggage 
files) would like less than 1MB if possible.
Must compile and run everywhere DMD does (mainly Windows & Linux).
Is self contained in a file or 2 and does not need a separate 
install package.
Can be copied to a directory and run with out modifying OS 
configurations or touching other files that are not part of the 
Must look like or be native interface.
Must have a DateTime, Treeview, and Table/Grid widgets.  These 
don't need data binding but that would be nice.
Would like to have drag-n-drop plus clipboard support as 
appropriate for the OS.

As you can see above most of these needs can be accomplished by 
DWT which is evident by the snippets but I just need to be able 
to compile from everywhere.  Maybe it is my configuration here.  
If I get a chance when I get home tonight I will try to compile 
this on my Linux box and let you know.  I have a virtual XP 
machine I can try as well.  I will let you know and again thanks 
for your help and patients.

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