Using libraries in VisualD

evilrat evilrat666 at
Sat Apr 5 08:33:58 PDT 2014

On Saturday, 5 April 2014 at 14:40:49 UTC, Zaggy1024 wrote:
> On Saturday, 5 April 2014 at 03:41:21 UTC, evilrat wrote:
>> sorry for such obvious comment. i must say that library files 
>> is full path or just filename.lib, and library search path is 
>> where .lib's can be found. and keep in mind that most(if not 
>> all) project options are delimited with spacebars only, not 
>> semicolon.
>> so if you have such paths like
>> "C:\Some Location\lib;D:\other\lib"
>> you shold try to split them like this
>> "C:\Some Location\lib" D:\other\lib
> I guess I should just show you how I have it set up right now...
> Compiler config:
> Linker config:
> If I'm correct, it should be finding the .lib files from 
> C:/DSFML/prebuilt, and the source in /src. Am I doing something 
> wrong?

you forgot to link libs :)
add necessary .lib file names to "library files" field, in this 
case it should be something like "dsfml.lib" or whatever, there 
may be also multiple libs.

p.s. you don't do any C/C++ ever, right? :)

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