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On 03/08/2014 17:41, mghz wrote:
> Hello,
> I started looking at the D language a couple of month ago. The challenge
> I ran into was to find a good IDE/Editor that would make
> coding/debugging easier and quicker. I checked all that is listed on
> this site and it seems that VisualD is the most active and feature rich
> plugin but I have a MAC.
> Is there any other editor I can use or something I missed. I'm not
> looking for fancy editors just something that offers at least
> build/debug/run functionality and maybe auto complete. I was looking
> into CodeLite since it's cross platform but it doesn't offer a D plugin.
> Thanks,

There is also DDT, an Eclipse based IDE for D. Supports auto-complete, 
DUB integration, GDB debugging integration, etc. :
Auto-complete is not as good as MonoD at the moment, but I'm planning to 
get that improved when I get the time.

For full info about D IDEs:
for editors:

Bruno Medeiros

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