VSCode DLS in offline environment?

Rel relmail at rambler.ru
Wed Aug 15 06:59:25 UTC 2018

On Tuesday, 14 August 2018 at 22:15:15 UTC, Laurent Tréguier 
> It doesn't look in the path to start dls, it should be checking 
> only two paths by default: 
> `%LOCALAPPDATA%\dub\packages\.bin\dls-latest\dls.exe` and 
> `%LOCALAPPDATA%\dub\packages\.bin\dls.exe`.
> When you say "without any log messages", do you mean that you 
> are still getting the same error message, or that you are not 
> even getting any error message at all ?
Okey, so I put the dls executable to LOCALAPPDATA and it seems to 
work now, thanks! I understand that this thing is cased by my own 
work-place restrictioons, but maybe this thing should be noted in 
the package documentation somewhere.

If I was setting the dlsPath manually, I got the empty console 
window without any messages and code completion wasn't working, 
only syntax highlighting, so I suppose the DLS wasn't started 

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