Intellij- DMD executable path is not specified correctly

Petar Petar
Tue Feb 27 12:31:43 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 25 February 2018 at 20:26:25 UTC, Dario wrote:
> Looking to find a good IDE for MAC  and started with Intellij 
> with D Plug in 1.16.1. Looking for an answer to configuration 
> problem
> "DMD executable path is not specified correctly"
> Error running 'UnitTest': Cannot run program 
> "/usr/local/Cellar/dmd" (in directory 
> "/Users/me/IdeaProjects/UnitTestEx"): error=13, Permission 
> denied"
> I can run unittest on the console but get the above error when 
> in the IDE. Can you provide what causes this issue?
> If this is not the right forum please point me in the right 
> location or forum.

The easiest way to reach the authors of the Intellij D plugin is 
to post issues here:

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