FreeBSD port

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Wed Aug 28 11:25:59 PDT 2013

On 2013-08-28 19:57, David Nadlinger wrote:

> I don't really have any experience with FreeBSD internals at all, so I
> can't really judge the situation, but if the BSD libc allocates TLS
> variables for new threads the same as the GNU libc does (i.e. at the
> start of the new stack), then it is potentially very little difference
> (as the ELF section iteration mechanism also seems to be supported).
> I don't think this will be an extremely hard issue to solve, but it
> depends on somebody actually spending some time on this (and for myself,
> a 2.063-based release, Linux shared libraries, and the Win32 wrong code
> bugs seem more important, given that FreeBSD is a pretty niche OS…)

Fair enough.

/Jacob Carlborg

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