Towards 0.12.0; release an alpha now?

David Nadlinger code at
Sun Oct 6 12:42:14 PDT 2013

Hi all,

The biggest problem we are facing right now is arguably that there
hasn't been a proper binary release of LDC for almost four months.

The reason for not making any progress on that front has mainly been
that there are a couple of serious issues that occur only relatively
rarely, but are hard to fix, such as:

But while I am not really comfortable with doing a release while
issues such as this are still unresolved, I think it is vital that we
at least have binaries available for people who want to test/use LDC
in its current state, featuring the 2.063 frontend and a couple of
critical fixes for MinGW.

As #407 is the only potentially huge regression I'm aware of, (the
-march/-mcpu issue has been sorted out) I propose to release an alpha
version based off current Git master. If the remaining issues turn out
to be not so much of a problem, we can release 0.12.0 (at least one
beta as usual) shortly after that.

This would also make sense as 2.064 will probably come out fairly
soon, and people will expect us to support shared libraries (which I
know how to implement, but we really want the 2.064 druntime changes
to avoid duplicating work).

What do you think? I'll start work on getting alpha packages out, but
wait for other opinions before I officially put them up.


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