TLS for iOS - how to proceed

Joakim joakim at
Fri Apr 4 03:39:46 PDT 2014

On Wednesday, 2 April 2014 at 15:34:42 UTC, Dan Olson wrote:
> "Joakim" <dlang at> writes:
>> Again, nice work.  Do all the unit tests pass now?  If so, you 
>> should
>> mention this on D.announce after you get the code up 
>> somewhere, as I'm
>> sure others would like to play with it, :) and not everyone 
>> follows
>> this newsgroup.
> No, there are still some failing unittests.  All druntime 
> unittests that should pass with current LDC do pass.  There is 
> one know problem with some of rt.aaA unittest not compiling, so 
> I versioned it out.
> The unittests in phobos that fail tend to be mostly be floating 
> point related.  I haven't looked into all the details, but many 
> are comparison options in the unittest that don't match.  For 
> example, std.getopt just fails its test for floating point 
> options because the comparison fails.
> Much of it could have to do with crossing compiling on x86 -> 
> ARM.  Kai has an update for cross compiling, so I am kind of 
> holding off investigating float problems until that change is 
> pulled in.   I also noticed that GDC has a math updates for 
> ARM, so some of that might be needed too.

OK, I don't think that should preclude letting people know on 
D.announce, once you put your source and some build instructions 
online.  You might get some help with the remaining porting work.

btw, Apple just open-sourced their custom AArch64 backend a week 

If you have any hardware with their 64-bit A7 chip, it might be 
interesting to see if you can get D running on 64-bit iOS also. :)

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