Path separator for ldc2 vs. dmd

Brian via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Tue Jun 14 10:11:38 PDT 2016

I hope this is user error and is obvious, but I've spent a bit of 
time searching (and trying permutations) and not determined what 
is causing the path separator message below.

This is part of a dlangui application that works fine if I use 
dmd, but munges the path separator if I set the compiler to ldc2?

(The paths have been shortened with .... for pasting purposes.)

C:\....>dub --compiler=c:....\ldc2\bin\ldc2
Performing "debug" build using c:....\ldc2\bin\ldc2 for x86.
derelict-util 2.0.6: building configuration "library"...
Error: module sourcederelictutilexception is in file 
'sourcederelictutilexception.d' which cannot be read
import path[0] = c:..../ldc2/bin/../include/d/ldc
import path[1] = c:..../ldc2/bin/../include/d
import path[2] = source
c:....\ldc2\bin\ldc2 failed with exit code 1.




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