Debugging with LLDB on Windows

WebFreak001 at
Mon Aug 3 11:56:30 UTC 2020

I'm trying to use LLDB on Windows to debug a program compiled 
with LDC, however it seems LLDB doesn't load any debug symbols or 
it doesn't know how to parse the ones emitted by LDC.

Is there some way to make LDC emit debug symbols parsable by 
LLDB? I believe it needs DWARF debugging information to work 
properly, but I assume that's what LDC already emits.

On the other hand I'm also not sure if it's just the LLDB build 
I'm using, I've obtained it from the VSCode extension and it says the version is

lldb version 10.0.1 (local revision 
   clang revision a55a07af20ef3228dfc31bd5c0c0161c356fb1af
   llvm revision a55a07af20ef3228dfc31bd5c0c0161c356fb1af

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