Where is the arm-none-eabi target?

IGotD- nise at nise.com
Fri Mar 13 14:41:03 UTC 2020

I'm trying to compile druntime for a custom OS. When I try to 
compile for the target triple -target=arm-none-eabi, the compiler 
does nothing without any error messages and there is no object 
file output at all. However according to this guide.


it uses the triple thumb-none-linux-eabi, which is kind odd of 
but it might work for that particular case.

The problem is when using thumb-none-linux-eabi, the compiler 
automatically inserts D version identifiers like Posix. There are 
ways around this like putting your desired target sooner in the 
version if-else statements but still for completeness shouldn't 
the non OS target be supported and why aren't there any warning 
messages when using the arm-none-eabi target?

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