WebAssembly + Custom Runtime + Associative Arrays

Remi remigillig at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 08:31:39 UTC 2020

On Wednesday, 11 November 2020 at 05:18:25 UTC, Ferhat Kurtulmuş 
> On Tuesday, 10 November 2020 at 22:57:27 UTC, Remi wrote:
> [...]
> As kinke mentioned, your AA does not implement everything 
> needed. You should port the entire thing in 
> druntime/blob/master/src/rt/aaA.d. Some time ago, I created a 
> malloc-free-based port of it. It does not provide required 
> symbols to compiler as you did there though.
> https://github.com/aferust/bcaa/blob/master/source/bcaa.d

Thanks I'll probably have a look if I find my implementation too 
slow, which will probably be the case :)

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