[ot] D and graphics on Linux

Georg Wrede georg.wrede at nospam.org
Wed Apr 12 15:45:47 PDT 2006

Slightly off-topic, but:

I may be in a position to make the first Processing Plant Production 
Line Control Software in D. To my knowledge, at least. :-)

That would include, among other things, a display of some of the vital 
parameters of the process as real-time graphs. (Temperatures, wattages, 
production speed, etc.)

The choice of language and operating system is mine, and being a D 
bigot, I really would like to do the stuff in D. And Windows is excluded 
because the plant can't afford an unstable OS for 24/7 operation. Since 
D is (more or less) a Win/Lin language, it'll be Linux.

Now, being a pay-project, I need to find a productive choice of 
libraries and tools to maximise Productivity. (Specified as man-hours to 

The graphs will be on X (as opposed to Linux console graphics), so that 
they can be viewed off-shopfloor too.

Does anybody have experience on this kind of stuff?

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