Creating executable file in WinXP

Unknown W. Brackets unknown at
Wed Aug 16 23:21:09 PDT 2006

Does the same executable work on the other machine?

How sure are you that the file was transferred between the two machines 

Oh well, I guess it's a bad idea to complain about success, but it'd be 
good to know what went wrong.


>  > Unknown W. Brackets wrote:
>> Are you running it from the command line?
>> If not, does anything happen when you do?  Do you get the prompt back 
>> immediately or no?
>> -[Unknown]
> I copied the \dm and \dmd folders to the client machine and setup my 
> PATH environment variable. I tried running it at the command line too 
> but nothing happens. When I tried running it nothing happens and I do 
> get the prompt back right away. I tried executing the sample hello.exe 
> and it worked.
> I built the executable in the client machine and it executed. It's weird!

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