Question about win32, windows.d, user32 and kernel32

nobody nobody at
Wed Aug 23 06:30:07 PDT 2006

Don Clugston wrote:
> nobody wrote:
>> Stewart Gordon wrote:
>>> nobody wrote:
>>>> It seems to me as if has the stuff which 
>>>> describes data structures and functions for kernel32. However I just 
>>>> had to pull some info out of the dmc include folder to work with 
>>>> clipboard related functions. I am curious why dmd links with user32 
>>>> and kernel32 but does not seem to have a D version of winuser.h?
>>> Because translating the Win32 headers is a work in progress.
>>> Stewart.
>> Thanks for the reply and the link. I can understand that translating 
>> the full collection of Win32 headers is a large task. I was curious 
>> why winuser in particular was not translated if kernel32 and user32 
>> are linked by default for every build.
> I believe the windows headers that come with D are the ones which were 
> needed for Empire to compile. I think they were expanded a bit beyond 
> that, but it explains why the selection of functions is a bit odd; they 
> were added as required.

That would certainly make sense. Thanks!

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