Proper way to make a thread wait using std.thread

Morgan McDermott morganmcdermott at
Fri Dec 8 16:41:42 PST 2006

Sean Kelly wrote:
> Morgan McDermott wrote:
>> Hi there,
>>  I'm trying to get a thread to wait every so often using std.thread, 
>> but using Thread.wait() to wait for another thread to end seems 
>> improper. Obviously, Thread.pause() and Thread.resume() are likely 
>> candidates to solve this problem, but I'd prefer that a thread pauses 
>> itself internally. Is there a simple way to do this?
> Not at the moment, as far as I'm aware.  Thread really needs a static 
> sleep method that calls Sleep on Win32 and usleep/sleep on Linux.
> Sean

	It's a shame that there isn't already something in the standard lib =P. 
In any case, thanks for your help and time, Sean.

~Morgan McDermott

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